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Florida Homestead exemption. What is it?

I am sure you come across words like Homestead, property tax exemption many times. So what is Florida homestead exemption? After you purchase a home, you make that home your permanent residence. Then, homeowners are eligible to receive a homestead exemption. This homestead exemption is a tool that reduces the taxable value of your home. As a result, it benefits homeowners by reducing the burden of...

What to Ask Lenders?

Are you planning to buy a home?  Are you getting a loan? Have you wondered what to ask lenders before you meet a loan officer? Here are some generic and specific questions you want to consider. Some general questions: 1. What are the most popular mortgages you offer? Why are they so popular? 2. Are your rates, terms, fees and closing costs negotiable? (People don't realize that you could negotiate...

Do you know 203K loan program?

Have you heard 203k loan program? People buy houses through 203b FHA(Federal Housing Administration)  Loan programs. It is a fixed rate amortized mortgage. The loan has to be approved by lenders that partnered with FHA. It is tailored for retailed houses and some outdated in the condition that it could pass home inspections required by lenders.  $15 off orders $150 or more from!...

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