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Smart Curb Appeal Ideas

smart curb appeal ideas

Your home’s curb appeal is determined by more than just the opinions of passers-by and nearby residents regarding the landscaping you’ve selected. Making some simple, low-cost modifications to the outside of your property could increase its marketability and shorten the time it takes to sell. Perhaps you might increase the asking price even further.

Some tasks don’t need special tools to complete many of these easy fixes. However, exercise caution; it is advisable to hire professionals for any task involving electricity, fencing, or extensive landscaping.


The beauty of your lawn can be greatly enhanced with well-kept edges.

If you want your edges to be perfectly straight, use a short plank of wood as a guide.

Consider grass-edging stones as an additional option.  Putting up bird feeders in your yard can help create a calmer and more pleasant environment. To attract birds, make sure the feeders are always full.

Much of the curb appeal of your yard is dependent on the grass you have. You should choose grass that can withstand heavy foot traffic and severe weather conditions.

Flowers are also a major component to enhance the curb appeal of by incorporating one or more of these flowers into your perennial beds or front porch pots. This is in addition to pruning your shrubs and trees and rejuvenating your mulch.

Mulching improves the aesthetic value of your garden by enhancing its color palette and creating the illusion of a well-kept lawn. Filling in the gaps gives your lawn a more polished appearance and makes maintenance a breeze.

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Painting your front door is one way to make a big visual impression. Make sure to clean and prepare the door thoroughly. Choose a different shade or apply a fresh layer of the original paint. Think about going with a traditional door color scheme, such as blue, crimson, green, or black.

If you’re stuck trying to choose a new hue, these options are a solid starting point. While selecting a paint color for your home, it’s important to consider the outside undertones.

Adding outside walkway lighting is a great method to make your home safer (no tripping and falling!) and to boost its curb appeal (more inviting home appearance).

You can get solar path lights if you can’t use corded ones, but they don’t put out nearly as much light.

Changing out seasonal decorations like wreaths or potted plants can also add to the curb appeal of your home.

Make sure your front door is inviting because it is the first thing that guests will notice when they visit your home. You may get wreaths made of anything from brightly colored ribbon to more conventional materials like green branches and berries, making them a versatile option for door hangings.

Architectural Details

Wood was the sole material used for interior and exterior molding not long ago. There is a wider variety of materials available to homeowners and builders now. Even if wood is still an option, there are a number of synthetic materials to choose from, such as PVC.

To keep its color and stop it from deteriorating, external wooden house molding needs to be painted or stained often. Alternatively, synthetic materials are designed to retain their color and endure for a long time with no upkeep. These alternatives to wood are not only more long-lasting, but they also weigh less. Most importantly, synthetic exterior trims are available in a vast array of shapes and pricing points, ensuring that any homeowner may find one that suits their personal taste and budget.

When thinking about home exterior decorations, even little adjustments can make a big difference and increase curb appeal. The addition or upgrade of moldings around windows or the installation of new trim around the front door are both examples of little but meaningful improvements. Take a look at our exterior home design tips if you’re stuck for ideas, including how to improve the style of your front door or how to make your windows blend in with your siding.

In order to choose external accessories that complement a home’s architectural style, homeowners need to be familiar with that style. A Mission-style house, for instance, would not complement the elaborate Victorian Gingerbread ornamentation. The greatest effects will be achieved when the molding designs chosen for the exterior of your home are harmonious with its architectural style.

Regardless of the house’s architectural type, updating the exterior trim around the entryway and windows may be a stunning transformation.

If you don’t have shutters, consider adding them. If it is outdated, consider updating the shutters for a classic look.


There is an infinite number of ways to personalize and improve the functionality of your driveway landscape by including hardscaping. Your driveway will be safe, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing with the right combination of paving, retaining walls, fences, and entrance columns.

Keep in mind that your unique style should be reflected in the external design to create harmony and a pleasant atmosphere. You can maintain a welcoming and attractive curb appeal for your property with regular upkeep and occasional upgrades.

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